Hey, I'm Kostas.

I’m good at two things only

First is my ability to fail fast and hard - and move on. This has allowed me to very quickly prototype, experiment and iterate my way to solutions to some very painful problems in marketing, sales and product. Second, I’ve got a record of finding and retaining the right people in design and development, transforming them from individuals into effective delivery teams.

Here's what I've done so far

Viva Wallet

Product Manager, May '17 - Now

Created video-enabled KYC process to beat fraud. Living in the middle of Strategy, Design, Technology and Operations.


Marketing Consultant, Spring '16

Launched and grew Snapchat marketing efforts and automated a ton of social media ops, optimizing for growth.


Cofounder (Business Ops), Founded Summer '15

Created a Snapchat/Tinder hybrid app, designed to enable people to meet instantly. Got initial traction through blog posts, usability tests and events.


Marketing, Sales and BizDev, Feb '14 - May '16

Ran digital marketing campaigns and generated leads from the publishing space. Researched market for gaps in value offering and designed products to fit those niches.

Ministry of National Defense

Software Engineer & Data Analyst, May '16 - Feb '17

Data monkey and number cruncher. Worked in User Support, IT Administration and Front-End Software development.


Cofounder (Marketing & Product), Oct '13 - Aug '15

Created fluent mobile and web experiences from scratch. Business Development, managing developers and marketing campaigns.

Things I can do

  • Write code
  • Optimize marketing funnels
  • Marketing automations
  • Launch products
  • Performance marketing
  • Analyze and model data

Be on my list

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